Haiku: Worms Of Doubt

Does the worm worry,

That once it is split in two

it is never whole?



Or does the worm laugh?

When it is split forever,

a friend will be grown.



Haiku:The Soul Of Consumerism

My ego is hungry.

I’ve been starving it of late;

my soul is still gone…

Haiku: Desire

         A sweet way with words,

an addiction to strangers.


                          Oh to be alone…

Haiku: The Ocean

Despair is drowning.

But in the depth of the sea,

Worries drift away.


Haiku: Love Is Hate

                                    Wedding ring for sale,

                                   clean only on the inside.

                                    Found in post-mortem.

Painting: How The World Goes Round

A Canvas job I did for my parents as a Christmas present.

It’s easy to forget that we are part of the nature we destroy, it’s easy to think we are separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Yet when you’re standing at the sinking sunset, the sunlight completely immersing you, Read more ›