Painting: The Futility of Structure

When your life becomes so complicated, so entangled in the many stresses of our man-made existence, many people look to order. You see the smoothness of a well oiled machine, the exactness in its timing and perfect execution of function and wish you could emulate such perfection.

Many then turn to
structure, timetables, crushing organisation, living their life clockwork, every hour planned and executed to excel.

We envision our goals and successes exactly as we thing we are going to achieve them and work tirelessly to reach this state of enlightenment.

Yet for many, as I observe from behind, they either fail in their pilgrimage and plummet, or reach their imagined nirvana, not once looking back, and realise their is nothing left; their function is complete.

Only when it is too late do they realise they have become their own machines.

In reality, our goals, our future , our dreams should be endless. You  should love the dirt track you are walking on, not the end that it doesn’t reach, your fantasy doesn’t have to be imagined perfect, it can be as smooth as breaking piece of cardboard.

The only goal I ever truly devote my life to is happiness, yes I may want or dream of more things to sustain or increase my state of joy, but when your happy walking down that dirt track, it doesn’t matter how well oiled you are.

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