Close up

A black pen etching of a captured interaction between man and beast (well lizard…).

It’s funny how, in this age, we see ourselves as so different from the nature that crafted us. The disrespect we show for the environment  is absurd.

And then we complain at the filth of rodents and the nuisance of foxes when in fact it is us that has forced them to adapt to our man-made infrastructure.

We should cherish the joy that can come about through the mingling with creatures different to us because they are not really different at all.  We are all made from the same stuff.

However, that lizard was most likely terrified while taking the photo  which just goes to show how much disregard, even in what seems like a little fun, we have for the creatures we share our inhabitance with.

Think about that the next time you try to kick a pigeon.

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